Easy Apple Pie



I made this pie for my mom’s 60th birthday and only got one piece because my family eat it all. Very simple to make and half the time of the old fashioned recipes.  I didn’t use a recipe I pretty much winged it was just testing stuff out lol.

1 box of 2 pack ready roll pie crust

1 pie pan

1 stick of melted butter


Brown sugar

2 or more cans of already prepared apples with sauce

In a bowl mix the apples. Brown sugar and cinnamon together until you get a desired flavor  you like

In the pie pan unroll one of the pie crust and fit it into the pan pinching the edges. Brush all around with butter.

Pour in your apple mixture and then unroll the second pie crust either cut in strips overlapping the pie or leave it whole make sure to have ventilation in the pie brush with butter over the top sprinkle with sugar and pop in the oven until it’s golden brown.

And enjoy : )


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