Life of a Caregiver

Now on top of being a single parent of 2 I also work with other kids. I spend 8 hours of my day with these kids. We grow bonds and attachment as if they were mine because I had the privilege to watch them grow. One Thing that stuck to me today while I was at work was, a parent saw their child eating bananas and was shocked that their child ate that and cereal.  It was shocking to me to hear this because the child is 1 yrs old. What was even more shocking that the parents knew less then I did and I had to tell them about their child’s eating habits. I would think it would be Vice versa I’m sad that people don’t end up having the time to learn their child or know what they are capable of. Although I need to work in order to make it but I don’t want to miss out on important moments in my kids life. I would like to be a stay at home parent although my kids are in school full day I always wanted to be that parent that had breakfast and the lunches ready. But let’s just be honest no one is able to do that being a single parent because your the only bread winner.  It’s pretty bad though that parents of the kids I care for are unaware of their child’s actions. Shows where they spend most of their time. Even If you have to work I still think time should be made to observe and interact with your child.


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