The nerve of a single parent. #2

Being a single parent isn’t a easy task but someone has to do the job. My kids dad is around and has every opportunity to see my kids but he chooses not to. It kills me when that moment my babies ask, “Can we see our dad”? I would have to tell them I don’t know I hate doing that because he should be around for them they should have that chance. Where they are able to call and talk to him on their own.

My kids aren’t his only kids but there is 4 all together he has been around the youngest one more than the rest. That’s cool and all as a parent your time should be evenly spread out between all your kids not just one. When my kids were smaller it use to break me down because they wanted that bond. They semi have it but not enough.  Now I just tell myself you can’t change anyone or make them change. In the end it’s his lost he missed out on very important milestones that you can’t get back and then as they get older more questions will arise and then those are the ones he will have to respond to.

It also bothers me that there are men out here and wanting to spend every day with their child or children and the mother’s want to keep them away because of something petty.  Seriously stop doing that it’s only going to get worse later.  If a man wants to be their then let him be their for their child. No kid should be put in the middle of adult issues.  That’s why they have parenting plan’s.  I’m irritated with people like that because in my kids case theyre able to see them but don’t get to but the ones who deserve it doesn’t get that chance. It’s childish behavior. Grow up you don’t have to say nothing to the other party.  After a child comes it’s not about the two who made the baby. It’s about the child the safety, the well being and the love for the child. Kids aren’t bait or scare tactics stop using them as one.

Sorry I get heated when it comes to this stuff.


2 thoughts on “The nerve of a single parent. #2

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