The nerves of a single parent #3

As a mother I’m very cautious about who comes in and out of our lives. I don’t bring people who aren’t ready for the position around my kids until I know there is more to the relationship.  I don’t want my kids confused or hurt by wanna be’s only 2 men since their daddy has been around my kid’s.  And the first break up was hard because he was around since they were one. Both I and the kids took that to heart. It’s been a year since we split and I have met someone new. I get nervous about the relationship because I don’t want it to go bad again. Afraid of me and my kids getting hurt or them attaching themselves to someone who in the end wasn’t worth our time.  I know I can’t live in fear but when you have been through alot of bad break ups you just know what you will and will not tolerate.  My kids and I deserve true happiness and I won’t settle for less.  So I’m taking this new friendship one day at a time and praying everything works out right and for the best. I’m afraid of loving again but hell every single parent needs love too. Lol in this process I can’t think about myself I always have to consider my kids as well. So if it’s not right for them then it’s not right for me then obviously it wasn’t something meant to be. So far so good keeping my fingers crossed lol


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