My view on a relationship

So this is just my thought.  It started out just friends and then it became a long distance friendship we talked whenever we had the time to we never lost touch.  Now he’s back in town and he always would tell me he loved me before so we wanted to see what it could be between us.  It melted my heart to hear those words.  So we have spent lots of time together. But all of a sudden things seem to be just a little different. The conversation get shorter and we don’t talk as much unless were face to face. But he still says he loves me and sometimes sends good morning messages. I let it slide until he blew me off on plans we made and all he could say was sorry. I was very pissed off not once was there anything Communicated to me about it. So when questioned about it he just says I’m sorry.  For some reason that wasn’t good enough for me. Simply because if you tell someone your going to do something with them and don’t or even have the decency to tell them or try to make it up or make the situation better.  that is a little bit of a trust breaker for me. It makes me question the feelings a little bit. I could be overreacting but I don’t want to waist my time on people who are gonna play me in anyway been there done that nope not again. I’m very cautious when it comes to relationships, but when I say I care it’s very sincere.  It’s like I have to make adult play dates just to see him lol. But honestly if someone says they love you then there should be a whole lot of action.  I should never be put in a position where I may question your heart and motives.  I don’t know what is in the future for this relationship but I’m not a game I don’t like to be played so I keep my guard up every day until someone is brave enough to tear it down.  Mission in progress I shall say.


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