5:15 The alarm goes off and as I turn over to do my morning stretch In my cozy bed I hear a “thump”! To look down and to my surprise I see  one of my twin son’s passed out at the end of my bed. He looked very. Cozy so I didn’t want to move him, but damn it he messed up that stretch. 

I felt it was gonna be a good morning because they both woke up nicely until it was time to leave then things went sour.  I had a kid wanting to change his clothes because he didn’t like his pants and he wanted to refuse to wear socks.

Now the other one had two bowls of oatmeal and wanted a poptart so I gave him a poptart but he wanted it toasted.  Well we ran out of time let’s just say that didn’t blow over so well. To go from crying to more children crying at work I seriously don’t know how I keep my sanity.

Damn I need a VACATION!! 


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