When in love again I want that one of a kind special kind of love.
The one where your life feels complete and whole not just for the night but for all times.  The kind  where you still get butterflies when they are away and return home.  The kind where things seems meaningful and holds purpose. 
I want someone I can’t go a day with out thinking about and have them feel the same way.  I want that can’t eat can’t sleep kind of feeling when they are gone.  I want that one of a kind where someone looks at you and notices all your imperfections and still tells you your beautiful.  I want the kind of love were nothing or no one can break the bond that we have. The good times are always cherished and the bad times help us grow and get better.  The kind of love no matter what goes wrong we fight it together as a team. The love that is real pure and sincere the love were no one cheats or takes for granted the love that is given.  The kind of love where I don’t have to say it they know what makes me smile and drives me wild. The kind of love where its a bond and it never gets broke.  The kind of love where nobody has issues expressing how they feel to the world and can
proudly say I’m their woman their wife or their girl. This is the kind of love I would like and deserve but I guess this mostly happens in fairy tales.


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