The Nerves of a Single Parent 5

OMG I had a normal crazy day with the boys.  But by the end of the night my kids were well behaved and helpful.  I seriously didn’t recognize who’s kids these were.

They both helped me cook dinner and they wanted to pretend it was a restaurant so I started placing the food on the table and one of them tells me. “Hold on I got to look fancy” he greased and gelled up his hair (trying to obtain his curls)  he brushed his teeth and used mouth wash, he had put on a nice sweater and jeans and sprayed Cologne and then he said he was ready. While he was getting “FANCY ” the other one was vacuuming the floor. 

I’m sitting their in shock like what has come over them? I’m doing the head check for fevers and everything.  We ate dinner and they asked to clean off the table and put dishes away.  Now for my kids it’s very rare for this to happen so I embraced every minute .

I’m praying it last for a while but Yeah who the hell am I kidding!  Kids will be kids. But I could truly use another day and night like this.


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