I want to believe every word you say to me I really wanted this time to be a different thing.
It’s hard to trust what you say, By the way you have been acting towards me lately.  Maybe your not trying to do it intentionally but what ever your doing is affecting me.

You don’t say I love you than play with someone’s heart,cause in the end Im the one who’s getting hurt.

We use to talk all the time now it’s little things like hi and bye. We hung out we played around but now your starting to let me down.  You pushed me aside saying you wanted to get your life right while saying I wasn’t a distraction and everything is alright.  But yet I get treated like I don’t even exist considering we were really good friends. 
How would you expect me to feel when your sincerity isn’t real. It hurts cause I didn’t expect it from you. Because you know all the crazy shit I have been through.
You wanted to be my night and shining armor but yet couldn’t make it that far guess it’s  good I didn’t completely give you my heart because I wasnt sure if you could finish what you start.



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