Building up a Wall

Through all my relationship issues I learned to trust no one but myself because when I do it always seems to hurt me so I build up this wall so I don’t get hurt but when I think that things could be different I give it a chance and then it all repeats itself. Guys want to be like I’m not like the rest, I can treat you better then your ex. when given the chance they start off nice and then just stop talking over nothing. I don’t get it not really sure if I am suppose to these days. things fall apart and then out of no where they hit you up saying how they messed up and made a mistake of leaving a good woman. If you viewed me as a good woman you should have treated me like one.

I’m not the type of person that gives out material things nor my body freely, when I care genuinely care you know from the sincerity of my heart and they way I treat you or act towards you.  I’m just not in the mood for people who want to take advantage of my kind heart and loving ways, I guess that’s where the “BITCH” claws come out. I don’t like people feeling like they have a hold on me because no one owns me.

I have fought feelings for many and manage to over come them all that weren’t good or healthy for my life but when its people who you didn’t think it would come from it happens the most.

How do you allow yourself to trust someone when people keep doing the wrong thing instead of the right.


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