A possabilitie & A maybe

I am the hopeless romantic type and I believe things can happen in fairytale form well to some extent.

A love I lost it took a while for me to get over because I cared so much for this person. I felt like the person I have devoted so much time to has just walked away from what we were building. a devastating blow to my heart I didn’t know how to bounce back. I did though and until one day he had returned with his many apologies and how it was a big mistake and he shouldn’t have left. I didn’t want to believe anything he had said but a part of me longed for that friendship to come back, I felt like I wanted it or needed it. Unsure of his motives I wasn’t really sure how to take everything in considering this was my best friend.  We have been together and apart so many times but we always seem to come back like everything is alright. Our chemistry is so natural and seems so real I am a little nervous of how it makes me feel. scared to give in to his charm Im not ready to trust him with my heart just yet. talk is cheap and anybody can say kind words but actions show more then words. so far he wants to be apart of my life and it feels right but I don’t know I have to wait for him to prove this all.


2 thoughts on “A possabilitie & A maybe

  1. Hopeless romantic ))) I’m one myself,I believe in love and love being in love ,there’s no greater feeling.Chemistry is a main ingredient for “hopeless romantics” This brought back memories of my first love ,we always found our way back to each other.He died last year and I still dream about him.Much happiness ,,,Star

    • I’m sorry to hear that he died. Yes chemistry is a big important piece and its always weird to me that we find ourselves right where we left off and I love that feeling minus the road blocks we had. Thank you for liking this post and finding interest in it as well. You have a good one

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