Second Chance for Love

That Butterfly feeling you get when things feel aligned. I can honestly smell the flowers and the see the star shining bright.

without you none of this had meaning, no purpose  no truth, but because you came back everything seems brand new.

a fresh start a new beginning in hopes that this thing we call love will keep on winning. Afraid of the negative but eyes sold on the positive because neither one of us can predict what it is.

Holding on to the memeories which brought us close and what broke us in two.  That whole that we were,  always felt so deep. everything about it felt so warm and so sweet. I cant help but enjoy the way you move or the way you talk. your whole personality has left me stuck.

Holding on to the times we share and hopping that one day our love gets back to where it use to be hoping on a better chance for you and me.  So cheers to a second chance to see what our love can potentially be.


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