Nerves of a Single Parent #7

My kids are currently in kindergarten and, they aren’t the best of kids but they aren’t the worse. if one of my kids don’t want to  listen or cooperate then they get in trouble or get sent to the principals office. okay every facility has guide lines and my kids know they are suppose to follow rules. But how many 5 year olds do you know that actually just sit there and fully pay attention?

Now they go through all protocol and procedures so they say before calling me feeling like my kids are hard to handle sometimes. they aren’t throwing things hitting anyone or anything dangerous they are talking or not wanting to participate. When I get to the school the first thing they ask is there a male figure in their life. In My mind I say “Single Parent” damn it! but I tell them they have uncles and their grandpa, so now the teacher wants to hold a conference with me and one of the uncles. I don’t know what the school district is hiring but I feel like they feel like I’m not doing my duties as a mother or I’m not capable of handling the situation. This gets so frustrating to me because while they are facing it with them so am I and I have a little more space to handle it differently at home then they do at school and I am trying my hardest to work with these people but as teachers all they suggest is behavior counseling or something like that and seriously I don’t feel they need that because they aren’t that bad to be put in something like that.

why is counseling the first resort, I feel if I was to do that then I cant handle the situation or I feel there is something wrong with my kids which there isn’t they are just 5yrs old little boys who are testing their limits and trying to have their way.

Working with kids in a daycare man I wish we could call some of the parents when kids don’t listen but we cant unless they are being harmful to others otherwise we have to wait for the child to go home

Im not saying what my kids do is acceptable in no way is it but I feel teachers should at least be more supportive instead of recommending a behavioral program. Sorry Just had to vent that out


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