Confused, Conflicted & Lost

I’m a person that is a little bit lost I don’t know what I really want right now. My heart is conflicted with many of things I’m just not sure what the right path is the right one for me. I find myself afraid of letting my guard down and letting people in I’m scared to be hurt all over again. I’m nervous to give love another try I really don’t want it to break my pride. I’m nervous to let an old flame win my heart and I’m skeptical about letting a new one start. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeves and I know it sometimes gets the best of me. I’m shy at times and very courageous but something’s its hard to face it. I know i must get over it sometimes just scared of breaking down I’m not really sure who i should keep around. knowing the people who hold no purpose in my life she not conflict my mind. I’m just lost and torn in two directions trying to find my way, trying to figure out which one I let stay. They both all say the right things but the actions will be the ultimate mind changer for me. Holding with high hopes for both confused of which way to go. I would never commit myself to two this is just something personal I have to work through.


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