I don’t hold myself in high regards but I do hold my self respect in very high standards. I don’t like when people think they can only get one thing or something out of me. I’m not an easy catch and I’m sure in the hell am not a free ride! The fact that people think they can just flirt their way then attempt to take advantage of me Oh Hell No! I’m not going to allow anyone to think that they can do as they please then screw me over. But when I  tell them what’s real they start acting all fake and phony shit I don’t have time for, don’t fake nothing to my face and I wont fake nothing to yours. This helps me weed out the negative and unnecessary people in my life. If you don’t have all your shit together and its been a few years don’t come asking me for money. If we had a good run together for a while then suddenly stop talking to me, please do not come back months later trying to see if you can still get it. response is Hell No!  Consistency means everything to me and I would be damned if I lowered my values for someone who is only looking for a quick thrill, or thinking I’m their get rich quick scheme. All I got to say is get together. And miss me with the extra bull because my momma and daddy didn’t raise no fool.


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