Blendid Family

its hard to join families together but its even harder when the families don’t really get along. my kids have my side of the family and their dads side. My family sees my kids more than their dads side unless I make the choice to do  When their other side wants to see them my parents find it a problem because that side doesn’t do as much for them as they should but I keep trying to be the bigger person and let them be able to see the kids I would never keep the kids from them no matter the differences.

There are also other children involved but by two different people which is also hard because at first it was a lot of drama and issues and too much stress going on. I would hold back and not let my kids go over until everything was handled in a civilized manner. Now that our kids are getting older they ask questions they know they have brothers and want to see them so that’s when the childish ways get tossed out the window and being a mature adult is in order.

It kills me when girls have issues and take it out on the kids that’s not right nor is it fair. They only know what they hear and see, and I would never voice my issues or frustration in front of them or to them because that’s not their battle.  I feel my kids have the right to know their family whether my family gets mad at me for reaching out to them or letting my kids spend holidays with them in the end im the parent who has to go through it.

You got some people who don’t even have the opportunity to see the other side of the family but my family gets mad when I do it due to their dads side doesn’t really buy them anything  throughout the year except holidays or birthdays. I don’t require anyone to give my kids anything people choose to do that so just because someone else is doing it doesn’t really mean everyone else will do the same.

Its hard to sit in front of the other moms but hell we all realize the same mistake that was made and we can do better than what was done. Just the process of growing up.


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