Which Way Do I Go

I find myself in search of the possible solution to this problem I seem to keep having. Being that I care someway for three in different ways, The more I take time to understand each of them I don’t know which way to turn. My ex cheated on me a year ago and it took me a while to get over and then he came trying to find his way back in. Today I seen the chick he cheated on me with and everything that I had tried so hard to push out my mind. and erase came all back just by seeing her. My stomach literally turned in knots because every female has that “Why Her” mentality. It just makes me feel like everything that he says he wants to happen between us isn’t worth nothing until actions are shown.

My other friend we are okay but I feel like it may not go further than anything. I feel like we are on two different wave lengths and it sucks but in the end its reality . The third one i have been feeling like I need to tell him how I feel express myself the best way I know how. I have love for all of them but I’m not in love with all of them . Hard part is figuring out who is the right one to hold on to, I don’t want to hurt anyone or play myself I’m trying to place my feelings in the corrective place. Just a little scared of the choices I should make


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