The Nerves of a Single Parent #8

Raising two boys alone is hard enough but having two sons with anger and behavior issues its way more stressful I get treated as if I don’t know what I am doing as a parent because if something were to happen at school then then they would look at me like is there another male figure or someone else that can deal with them  to me that’s disrespectful and I’m like I know I am young but I am very capable of taking care of my children yes its very stressful and hard but I am a determined parent to make sure my kids are staying on the straight and narrow. I have to make sure that I am there for my kids 100% if not who will be. I just didn’t think I was going to have to deal with two 5yr olds with anger issues but since they are young I still have the chance to get them right before they grow up wrong and I cant allow that to happen


3 thoughts on “The Nerves of a Single Parent #8

  1. You know what, a lot of people are very quick to judge someone when they have no idea on what goes on at home! I get looks all of the time because I look younger than my age at first it really wound me up but now i just bite the bullet! I know i’m a great mum a d I work hard to look after my son! Don’t let anyone make you feel less adequate as a mother they have no right! Next time someone asks if there is a dad in the picture tell them a mother is all your boys need 🙂 chin up hun you have been a mother for 5 years, enough experience to be a great leader and role models to both your sons xox

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