I’m not you and I don’t try to be. So don’t expect me to live the life you lead. We are made different for various reasons so don’t judge my actions like you haven’t been in my place either.
I’m young and I’m still trying to find my way I can do without someone always criticizing me.  I’m entitled to make my own decision Im not entitled to follow your vision. Before you got to where you are you had to go through trial and error until you got it right  I’m still in that lane figuring out which is the right path for my life.
I can do without people who want to down talk me because I’m not the way they want me to be. It’s OK for you offer advice but it’s not okay to make someone feel bad for the struggles they have faced and the chances they took. Just friendly reminder no one is born perfect maybe you should take a second look
And some may never get it right But that’s things I have to face and try cause in the end my happiness matters most not the things u assume I need to know. Don’t judge me for What I do not know but instead help me and let me grow. For I know I will obtain the things I need to get were I need to be. We are human we don’t come with manual.  The manual of our lives are written as we go.


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