You are like that song that no one can get out of their head. Holding on to the maybe and could be trying to see What this thing could mean.

Holding on to the possibilities of the future and What it may hold trying not to lose control.  Imagining things you couldn’t see before bringing new perspective as you open the door.

Letting go of past history focused on the here and now basically just you and me. Brushing off all the negativity that comes our way fighting till the finish cause our love for  eachother will never change.

Surrounded by the positive aspects we share I couldn’t imagine you never being there.
We walked away to build up ourselves only to find out we don’t want anyone else.
Love has a way of finding you sometimes in those moments it’s like a dream come true.

Heading forward as we step on the past hoping for good things to come and last. .straight out of left field the feelings came and I honestly haven’t felt the same. Loving those moments and changes we made.

Shani M


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