THE Life of A Foster child!

This was dedicated to a special friend of mine.

That kid with the hidden scars and pain he hides, the countless times he has cried.
Searching for that place where there is a balance between love peace and happiness, trying to find his way because things that keep letting him down always seems to change.
The life he lives everyone doesn’t see that hidden beneath the rough exterior there is the real person no one gets to meet.
Never knowing where he belongs trying to fit in to a place to call his own somewhere to call home.
The people who he valued the most only turned out to be a hoax. Cover up of lies things that hurt deep down inside. 
Heart is bruised and torn not really sure weather to live or mourn.

Into the light he found faith because he knew his life just couldn’t end this way. He had to she’d himself of his hurtful past and the things that cut like glass bringing him into a new uplifting moment despite all the odds he found happiness the real love he seeked.  His history is there but now is a distant dream he has accomplished more then people have foreseen he has over come every obstacle sometimes things like this aren’t really easy for a Foster child

Sh’ani M


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