Having an Active Summer with the Kids

Let the summer vacation begin, well at least for my kids anyway lol currently have the chance to be with my kids due to a medical injury until I am cleared to go back to my full time, so I am looking for any and every ideas to keep my children occupied while they are on summer break because I refuse to let my children be lazy and sit in the house all day, While some days it may be okay but not everyday so staying active is a ultimate must. I thought I would share things with you guys and maybe you can do them with your family.

here is websites I found interesting to stay active


This very insightful on ideas


Parenting.com always has good ideas



well here is just a few links I have got ideas from so my general plan is to make a calendar of all the things we will do and stay active this summer and i will write down how it went and what the kids thought and i think if a lot of people try it and maybe we can share experiences. I hope every one has an awesome summer because we will!



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