The love I had, once left but at last has returned and I find comfort in his embrace and his arms. Our love has fought through alot of shit.  Dealing with drama and other bs.  It’s amazing how we can part but still find our ways back into each others heart. 

Talking on the phone isn’t So boring because between me and him we  always have stories, people have their opinions and suspicion but I can’t help the way he gives me these feelings.  Everything may not be where we want it but we came this far why not see if it’s really our hearts. Our hearts connected as one my half my whole my best friend our relationship is a work in progress but he’s my man!


5 thoughts on “MY LOVE

  1. Thanks for sharing! No relationship is perfect and they do come and go, however through that time we have the opportunity to learn and grow in the experience and on reflection, hopefully we do better for next time. Do what works for you is my advice, but you also need to ensure that you have boundaries on what works and does not work for you.

    I personally try to trust my instincts which is easier said than done when my heart always tends to go with what it want’s rather than what the signs are, or what is common sense.. lol

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