The Nerve of a Single Parent #14

(Dinner Time)


In my house dinner is a piece of work, while most of the time I try to cook and get it finished real quick my kids have different plans. lol They began setting the table and instead of the typical family style dining we imagine our dining room is our personal reasturant , they serve the food to the tables pretending they are the servers and then make sure we all have what we need to eat .

they then go and get semi dressed up and make sure they look good although im like can you guys hurry up i’m hungry I admire their creativity and imagination. so I let them continue on their tasks and we begin dinner when they are all done getting spiffy!  After dinner I am questioning are those my kids or not because the helpful side comes out and they want to help clean up and make sure the food is put away . As a parent I will always encourage restaurant nights in my house if I can obtain the same results all the time. love my babies they make me smile all the time


3 thoughts on “The Nerve of a Single Parent #14

  1. Fantastic idea, That is a huge contrast to my children who burp the national anthem at our house at least once a week *blank stares* *giggling*

    I am also blessed with wonderfully helpful children, and I think this is something that we encourage from a very young age, and then they get into a routine. I’ve taken notes, I think I am going to try a restaurant night and see how it all pans out! I might even do a bloggy on it!

    Great post, I totally relate!

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