The Nerves of a Single Parent #15

I always want to spend time with my kids any little time I try to create things for us to do so we aren’t bored. Today I had the time to sit with my kids interact and play with my kids although too much time causes a minor headache but they wouldn’t be kids if they didn’t test their limits with their parents. With the slight off moments I still had a good night with my kids. We were able to make dinner and desert and communicate. I seriously feel that parents that lack communication with their children there wont be a lot of openness with the kids as they grow up. My kids say how they feel, sometimes I think they are a little too blunt in a child’s way. They express themselves and I never make them feel like their opinions and feelings don’t matter because they do. Family involvement is a must in my family I want them to be able to say they have ventured, they have fun. So minus the minor head ache they give acting like they’re wrestlers 24/7 lol’s l I love their ambition and their creativity and I would never stop them from being them!


2 thoughts on “The Nerves of a Single Parent #15

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    • I believe someone should become a parent only when they are ready for the maturity and responsibility that comes with it. I say that simply because these are people that come into this world and not things that we can put back. I had just turned 21 two months before I found out that I was pregnant with my kids my views at 21 was not being a parent any time soon but I was becoming one. I had twins and It was hard but I did have to grow up and be a adult and handle my responsibilities as a mother. So to young women that are still in school, become a better you and if and when the time comes to have children just ask yourself are you ready? Are you prepared because when children childish ways get thrown out the window. Some adults still need the conversations teens get these days. That’s just my opinion though

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