Maybe A Baby pt 2

I had went to a baby shower and prior to that I mentioned I wanted to have a baby (Baby Fever). We had no idea what the sex of the baby was which was a cool idea we had to guess.  My guess was a boy. So here sat the cake


Once cake was cut it was revealed and let’s just say it’s a girl!  I guess I Lost that one Lol.

After the baby shower I was saying how I wanted a baby.  I got the most evil looks from my mom and all the other grandma.

My mom: Your not having anymore of anything. 

Geez thanks says the people who’s carrying the baby

The grandma’s: What! you want to have another one? the boys are still young though. You should wait you better not be having anymore babies.

So in my eyes I listen to what they say but doesn’t mean I’m gonna follow when I feel it’s time then That’s when it will happen. Again I’m not looking to rush the process I just said I wanted another one. One mentioning about me having a baby to my family all hell breaks loose. 

This is gonna be exciting to watch reactions when it actually does happen.

And for the record I’m well in my 20’s I just don’t want my kids to be very far apart. One day we shall see!


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