So lately I have been interested in researching my family history.  Its a little hard to gather information because I can only really go off of my mom’s parents because my dad only knows information on his mom and not to much on his dad. You would think with technology you would be able to find stuff out easier but it’s a hard search to figure out.  But I am determined to find out my family history especially while my grandmother is still alive because no one can give me that information after. Only problem where to begin and reaching out to people. I know my heritage but would really love to know more.


2 thoughts on “FINDING THE FAMILY TREE!!

  1. Glad to hear you’re getting started while your grandmother is still alive – hopefully she can give you lots of information. One thing I wish I had done was have my grandparents identify who people were in photos. If you need some help getting started with your research, let me know. I’m happy to assist!

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