I  am a sister of someone fighting Sickle Cell Anemia and to see what my brother has to go through hurts my heart. I hate having to go to the hospital and seeing him in pain.

My brother was diagnosed with it when he was two Years old and the doctors gave him a life expectancy of 16 but I am proud to say my brother completely beat those odds and he is currently 31 years old.  As a child it was tough because he would be in and out of the hospital and as a child I didn’t fully understand what was wrong with him I just knew my mom and dad was always catering to him. Selfish as that may sound I had to learn and gain the knowledge of what was going on to gain a better perspective of the situation.

I feel like people are aware of this disease but not a lot of people acknowledge it because it doesn’t get much recognition like other major diseases. I want to help create and improve awareness to people so they are informed correctly because you would be surprised at how many off the wall questions people might ask when it comes to sickle cell .

In my family my brother is not the only one with it, I have cousins living with it also I have also seen my brother lose some of his close friends to the disease. For me while everyone wants to say the “What If’s” I rather stick to the positive and just keep praying that he makes it through. One day at a time, I would like to help support and spread awareness for the cause but I just don’t know where to start.



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