SO recently I have had some unexpected chances with love and I really just wanted to stay to myself keep my distance from others. 

My cousin recommended some websites where you can talk to people like online dating but I didn’t want to date anybody I just wanted to have a simple conversation. 

I have met some nice people and some weird ones. And I just realize this isn’t what I truly want right now. While some offer sincerity others try to offer their body and think they will get the same in return.  “OH HELL NO!”

What happened to courting someone or taking the time to get to know someone people are too much with thinking you can impress a girl with your body parts sorry not this one.  I have also encountered the ones who get mad if you don’t write them back fast enough I can’t handle all that. I really feel like it’s ok for me to be single for a while until the right one comes because I will never settle for anything less than what I deserve!


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