The Nerves Of a Single Parent #21(Putting Our Family Back)

Me and my children have been on our own for a while now. Its always us against the world. My kids are my everything so before I do something I want to have their input on the situation.

Recently an ex was in town and I still have feelings for this guy. I seriously didn’t think my kids would too. He has been around them since they were two but I thought the kids would not even hold on to so much.

As it came time for him to leave my kids wasn’t having it they flipped out in so many ways just to get him to stay and I didn’t expect that to come from him. It hurt my heart and my ex we realized we are all still  in love.

My kids have their dad but they have never showed that much emotion towards him. I respect my children honesty even at 6 they cut it to me straight but it means alot to voice their opinion.

So in due time we will become that family again we once were its just gonna take some building up.


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