The Nerve of A Single Parent #22 (Off to a Great start Through 1St Grade)


So I was a little nervous about my twins starting the 1st grade because in kindergarten they gave their teachers a big run for their money and I mean a big chunk of it LOL. The outburst the fits the crazy tantrums frequent visits to the principles office. Man they  seriously assumed that my kids needed to see a counselor and a doctor. My kids aren’t bad kids they just assumed that if they wanted something they don’t get then they flip out. This of course does not fly at my house and I know that in the schools they cant do the same.

All summer long I was preparing my kids for what was to come in this upcoming school year, it took school starting for them to get into it completely and this was the first full week of school and I am proud that every day I ask “how was their day”? They tell me it was good. I am glad they are enjoying it so far and I am praying that this school year goes well. This is their first year at the school they are in so its all new to them and I admire how children are able to adapt so quickly to changes.




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