The Nerve of a Single Parent #23 (Being a Single Parent)

I must say it has been a minute since I have full written anything on my blog and I must say it is time to do so. 


So my children’s dad isn’t in the picture too much but he has that chance if he wants to. I have been taking care of my kids by myself since my kids were babies and although I have tried to get him to be there It just wasn’t really worth the headache anymore. So I had to do what any normal parent would have done, and that was suck it up and take care of me and my children on my own. Yes I have had family help but I was still on my own.

These days it kills me to see people with kids and their companion doesn’t really help them out with anything financially or physically. Then they want to say they are unhappy but are only staying for the children. For some this may work but I think it is really dumb to hold on to someone who doesn’t help you grow but only brings you down. You can really do bad by your damn self, I wouldn’t wish for anyone to be a single parent and its not something people generally ask for but its life and it happens with a lot of people.

Girls hold on to the fantasies of the maybes when the guys are giving plain clear signs and verbal statements of what they aren’t going to do. So why torture yourself why stay? Someone I know just had a baby and has a another child but their husband left them but she was upset because she didn’t know how she was going to handle two kids by herself, which was semi insulting to me because hell I have two by myself but instead of getting mad I simply told her don’t hold on to something that brings you pain you have to be strong for your children to teach them how to grow up to be better then their dad. 

Or you get the women who become hateful and resentful and start taking it out on the kids. WHY? its not that kids fault its the parents for making bad choices. Don’t ever use a child as a pawn for payback because shit like that ends up backfiring on someone. If they want to be there for their kid then let them. You cant hold that he’s a bad dad/mom card if your playing keep away with the child and their making an effort to be there. 

Being a single isn’t a curse  technically its a choice. I chose to be a single parent because I rather have my kids and our happiness instead of broken promises and shattered dreams.

People may have their own voices of opinion but this is mine. Women or men don’t need the other spouse to be able to be a parent if someone wants to belittle you or put you down or be an ass to you.




3 thoughts on “The Nerve of a Single Parent #23 (Being a Single Parent)

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  2. I have to admit, I was that women that was in a miserable marriage that I sucked it up for my kids but only for a short while until I realized it was less painful to end it then instead of waiting it out. I know exactly what you mean by choosing happiness over broken promises and shattered dreams. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one

    • I haven’t been married before so I can only imagine what it must of been like. For me it’s not always easy but I look at their other parent now and realize my kids aren’t really missing out on much. I’m blessed for how far I have came at a young age and as a parent. No you are truly not alone and we will not be the last. I wish you the best!

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