The Nerve of a Single Parent #24 ( The Innocence of a Child)

I was raised on the beliefs that Santa Clause was real and the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, so it would only be right for me to teach my children in the same ways I was raised. I get it that when they get older that they will soon find out what isn’t real and what is but until that time comes I will let my kids believe in it all.

I cant speak for other peoples children, or other parents because they are going to teach their views in their own way. So with a child that doesn’t believe in these things I don’t feel they should discourage others from not believing. I understand the value of all holidays and what they mean and everyone takes a different perspective from things and I enjoy my children getting excited about Christmas but also knowing that its Jesus birthday. They are able to have fun and also know the real meaning as well. Is it wrong for children to partake in these rituals. When the time comes my children will need to know everything but I feel when they are at a young age its best to wait where they are able to understand it better.

That’s just my views if you don’t want your child to believe that’s on you but please as a parent it would be nice to be asked if you or your child can pick apart their imagination and what they believe in because you don’t believe in the same. In the end I get stories that don’t result in the real truth. Its just me not wanting my children to grow up faster then they need to.


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