The Nerves of A Single Parent #25 (New Technology)

It’s crazy to me that a lot of technology has transpired over the years. From cell phones to computers and video games. I am one of those proud parents that can say technology doesn’t consume my children. Yes they know how to work all the new listings of technology but they like to actually go out side and PLAY!! My kids have a great imagination and I admire that about them. They will make up their own games and have their own rules and have a blast.

I remember being their age and my mom or my aunties yelling “Go outside and play”. Kids today you don’t see outside too much anymore and to me its sad. I think fresh air will do a kid some good. I’m not saying technology is a bad thing I’m just saying I don’t want my children being raised by tablets and video games. we own video games systems which we play as a family, to help us create that bonding time with each other.

I know some people buy those 500 dollar game systems and says “Well my 6 year old wanted it.” For me personally I will not spend that much money on a video game for my 6 year old sons. I really feel my children should go back to the basics. Starting from the first game systems, the ones with the cool games, normal graphics and when the controllers had cords before I spent 500 dollars on something.

I do know it all depends on the parent and their child and if the use of technology is in moderation.
sometimes it’s nice to just play board games every once in a while.
I am not saying anyone is a bad parent because they allow their children to all of the new technology because I too own some of it too. I am just saying I’m glad its not a battle for me and my children if I tell them to turn it off and play something else.

These days 2 year olds even know how to work everything which amazes me. Makes you think how will technology affect us and our children within the years to come.


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