The Nerve of a Single Parent #27 (Encouraging my kids to read)

Now when I was a little girl I enjoyed reading I enjoy it still till this day. I began reading when I was 5 yrs old and I was able to read the book “War & Peace”. Now I may not remember all of it lol but my family was shocked that I was able to read that book at such a young age. I find reading and writing a very fundamental thing I love it. As a single parent of  multiples I try to do everything at once so they are both getting it at the same time but when it comes to reading this isn’t an easy process at all.

One of my sons is more willing to read then the other one and its easier to get him to sound out stuff and try without getting upset but he does get frustrated sometimes. My other son he reads but he’s more the lazy one with it he feels like he cant do it and he gets frustrated as well.

I have been trying all different techniques with them to keep them interested and want to have the enthusiasm to read. I have tried making it a fun little game to help them and I have bought books that draw their interest. Schools judge what reading level a child is at based by grade but I don’t think that is right in a way because it should be based off of the child some kids don’t gain concepts as fast as other kids and for some kids it takes them longer to learn a subject. But if I hear my sons reading words and sentences what qualifies them to be below the first grade reading level? I know they have reading groups at school but I don’t know how things are while they are in those groups. But practice makes perfect and I know they will obtain the skill of reading very well in no time.



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