Pre-Planning Before Our Trip to DisneyLand!!!!!!

SO know I have mentioned before about me and my kids going to Disneyland for their 7th BIRTHDAY! I cant wait there will be a lot of pictures because I love taking them LOL! We will be doing both California Adventures and Disneyland too.

As I research the different things I should know about Disneyland the in’s and out I think I am getting more excited than the kids LOL! I did tell them that I might have to buy one of those children type of leash’s for this mission they weren’t going for that one LOL, so I must trust that they are growing and I will be right their with them so I don’t think it would be too much of a problem to get through it.

So for people who haven’t went to Disneyland yet I have found some traveling tips that may seem helpful to others as it has became very helpful for me so this is the before we get there pre planning!

1. Bring in your own snacks water, ECT… ( Trust I will have a thermal lunch bag for this purpose my kids like everything they think they may need LOL)

2. Fast Passes which allows you to save your place in line but be able to leave and come back pretty cool I think ( I will most definitely use this because I know my children would not to like to wait for a super long period of time)

3. For your first time and if a child’s birthday, visit guest relations office to receive Special button

4. Look up which food is the best to eat or try out while in the park. I haven’t been yet so I cant say what is good or not but I will be trying some of it out

5. Dress accordingly to the weather especially for little kids. ( sunscreen, shorts, hats, light clothing,)

There is way more that I am probably leaving out at this moment but here is just a few things.

I’m so EXCITED I JUST CANT HIDE IT LOL! June wont come fast enough LOL

If you want more information I will be pinning a lot of things to PINTREST as well in my DISNEYLAND VACATION BOARD

Visit Sh’ani’s profile on Pinterest.


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