The Nerves of a Single Parent #28 (open questions, Honesty)

My kids are very curious little kids and they ask questions about a lot of things and one thing they do not ask too many questions about is their dad. Their dad chooses to make choices for himself that I would never want my children to endure ever in their life. That doesn’t mean they aren’t able to see him because they are, its totally up to their dad on the moves he makes.

So we never have the discussion about how they feel about their dad not being around and from finding out their dad may have to jail time I thought it was time to ask what they thought. I felt they are old enough to express themselves and let me know where their heart is. So I asked my kids ” Do you think about your dad”? one said yes the other said no, so I did have to ask why they said what they said and the one that said no told me he doesn’t think about his dad because he never sees them, and the other one was more hopeful because of the good memories that he has when he was playing with his dad. As a parent its not easy to have these talks but it is always nice to get my children’s perspective on things and I know they have no filter.

For some they would just brush it under the rug and not think twice but I feel that communication and sharing how you feel helps my family to bond. I don’t know if they will be able to get closer to their dad but I will ensure that my children never have to face anything like that. Open ended questions are always good to ask when dealing with children depending on their age heir opinion matters a to what happens in their life


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