The Nerves of A Single Parent #29 (Shopping For Multiples)

Now I am not able to speak for everyone else that is a parent of multiples but I will speak for myself and what I am experiencing while raising my kids. When my kids were babies things were semi easy as far as shopping wise, clothes, shoes ect.. Now as they are getting older I find myself crying as I shop (NOT LITTERALLY) I always have to make sure there is 2 of everything to help eliminate fighting, and arguing. We are going on vacation and I had yet to buy them summer clothes. While at the store I had to make sure they each had same amount of shorts, shirts, socks, and underwear, and not a lot of things come in sets too much anymore, Depending on what store you go to but everything adds up. But no matter the cost, if they need it then I will get it because I will go without before they do.

Buying for any child can be expensive but if there is siblings that are the same sex then you are able to save clothes and just use them the next time. Not with multiples they grow at the same time well at least mine do. I already have my nephew who is 22 save his shoes for when my kids get old enough to fit them lol because by the time they reach their teens I’m screwed or they will be getting a part time job to help. I really commend everybody who is a parent of multiples. While I express buying for two i know there are parents who are buying for 3 or more so KUDOS it isn’t an easy job.


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