Weight loss Journey


So i purchased this at one of my neighborhood stores and the taste isn’t bad but has anyone tried these before and did it work well for you if you have? I just want to know if it is a waist of time to use.



So I know I haven’t been able to update on here lately but being a single parent and going to school plus working full-time becomes a. Little stressful and you end up getting sidetracked.

But as i mentioned I am attending school and i had to take a physical education class this is more of a motivational also because i hope to reach my goals.

So i am trying to make steps in the right direction on a budget. By watching what i eat and how much i eat. So i just have to work on my meal planning for myself because i know my kids are very picky so. It may have to be two meals on some days. I will be trying stuff out to see what works and what doesn’t so hopefully it will help others out as well.



To all the people who have been following me I decided to start up another blog page that sticks to me strictly writing.

Which is named A writers Voice  http://writerspassions.wordpress.com  so I will be trying to move the poetry section of this page around to the new one but everything else will remain the same. I actually felt like I had too much going on in one blog so I wanted to separate it so no one was confused about the audience that I am trying to reach, If you are willing to follow both pages that would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for the follows and the likes and I hope you will continue to follow and like the material that is on my blog.

Thank You!


DON’T Try To Be Me


This was written because other females didn’t like me over an ex. He pretty much talked me up where they are mad at the person I am and the woman they can’t compete with as far as being with him. I truly find it hilarious that they would be that simple minded . You can’t pretend to be me trying to win ones heart be you! I let people talk but once u bring up my kids thats a whole different ball park!

Journey Through Washington State!

Its amazing to be somewhere your whole life and not being able to experience everything its has to offer.
Even the smallest places can have a wonderful aspect about it like Yakima, Tri-Cities. I have had the privilege to tour a part of where I live and in that tour I have came across driving through mountains and winery and just wonderful views.
Alot of history you never know until u take the time to just explore. This is only the beginning of my traveling journey but im excited to get to know my states surrounding!


Mountain view


Washington is beautiful all you have to do is explore!