The Thirty-One Fall catalog is out and just in time for back to school and other adventures your family may be headed on. With the new fall products the possibility  of how you use the bags are endless. For me personally as a parent being organized is a much needed thing in my house with the Thirty-one products I have been able to make more order of my art supplies, my children’s room and other areas of my home.

31C_14FW_Photo_02Kitchen organizers

 31C_14FW_Photo_26Back to School

 31C_14FW_Photo_17Toy organizing

31C_14FW_Photo_23AThe whole family can benefit from the Thirty-One Products.

All items can be personalized with what you would like to say (Name, Logo, ECT…)

If you would like to host a party in The Tacoma Washington area please feel free to email me and if you would also like to host a online catalog party I would be very happy to assist you with that as well .

Just simply Visit http://www.mythirtyone.com/531404

Thank you Thirty-One Independent consultant

Shani Melvin


Headed To Disneyland!!!!!!

So it’s time for vacation and it’s also my sons birthday weekend. I am ready for Disneyland! Made leis for my sons and I got the cool idea to make  their own autograph book from pinterest


My kids are super excited

Materials: a ringed notebooks
A picture of mickey
And stickers

Super easy I had to use package tape because I didn’t get to laminate it but I’m sure it will still work.

Gifts for teacher appreciation week

So I made personalized cups using acrylic paint and mod podge painting first then a few coats of mod podge over the painted areas


Second gift
I bought a dollar store flower pot
Tissue paper
Styrofoam ball
And lollipops

Just stick the suckers in the Styrofoam ball the way you want then it should look like this

Simple and easy and all from the dollar store


A Loom knitted Hat W/pom pom and flower



I made this hat for a friend using the “Loom Knitter” not expensive and very easy to use.

With the help of YouTube lol I have learned to do alot of different crafty things.

The flower I learned how to do by crocheting it also from YouTube!  Some videos seemed complicated but I kept searching until i was able to finish it. Then I just added my finished flower to my hat.