Changes of the Heart



Lovers to Friends

The feelings i have had for So long it really sucks to let it all go to suppress my  emotions yet again to be back on that level of just friends.  It hurts because of what was  built So far didn’t think I would fall this hard now everything is falling apart.
Would you express your heart to try and save what was started.
How do you go from half way to no way without a moments notice 
It all seemed So close but everything vanished within the smoke don’t know if it could ever come back that loving feeling I had, it hurts and it’s sad I have to contain it and hold it back.


Journey to the New Me!

I have came a long way I have grown as a person and everything I have endured has made me stronger the memories I have I will never forget because it actually helped me to get where I’m at. I don’t hate or have regrets just proud that I keep challenging myself.  I have loved and had to let go and this may be the hardest thing I had to do. I don’t know who’s gonna be apart of my life for the next chapter but it begins now and there’s no slowing down. I have to push myself for better because anything less is not what I’m after!