Finding My way

It has been a while since I have written anything. And just been busy with life. But I have to get back to what I love most. Which is my writing.  Just reconstructing my gift. Focused and ready! 


The Nerves of a Single Parent#30

In previous post i mentioned that I was in school and i am currently taking a psychology class and one of our final assignments is to write a paper. A list of things that would reflect life is given to chose a topic from. One that stood out most to me was single parent.

I can relate to this topic because I’m living the situation. Now i figured this would be a good topic to  about because i can add alot of details to the paper. Only thing that is a pain in the ass is researching. And stuff that pops up doesnt seem as valuable as i had hoped.

One article that through me for a loop was a how to guide to being a single parent, which I had no idea there was a guide to lol.  And some articles were based on African American people being single. I’m sure everyone has their differences of how and why they became a single parent however I don’t think it should narrowed down to one race.

The Nerves of a Single Parent #29

This year I am very focused on me and my children. Every road will not be easy but it will worth it.

I want to enjoy things more and embrace more and just enjoy my surroundings. For me and for my children. I’m not the type of parent who just sits in the house. Budget allowing me and my kids venture out and the only problem i find myself in is expecting to have people that will want to do the same.
Some will and some won’t so i embrace things and know o have to do things on my own naturally.

So this year will be a new one. A new one of possibilities and optimism.

The Life of A Single Parent! (Journey to A Healthier Me)


So I have been trying to get motivated to get in shape. I have tried things such as protein bars and shakes and those are totally disgusting to me. Eww lol sorry can’t stand them. But also watching what i eat and exercising more.

This is a goal i am set on achieving and i am aiming to accomplish it. I know obstacles may get in the way but i can’t let me that get me down.  So i will document my progress along the way and hope I can inspire others to reach their goals as well.

I’m weighing in at 280lbs and I am aiming to reach like 200. For now
I had lost alot of weight after having my children 8 years ago and gained it all back time to get in shape.

Being a Stay at Home Mom

For the past few months I have been at home due to injury and I must say it has been a wonderful thing but at the same time for me personally I get bored. I have been trying to do things and keep myself occupied but man I commend anyone who stays at home all day. Seriously. I feel like crafts are my highlights and school is my outlets. Hopefully something picks up soon because I don’t know if I can last. Much longer