Diy 4th of July T shirts


I love being able to do these things with my kids. They always love being crafty with me!

Blank Tshirt. 2.00
Puffy fabric paint .96 cents each

This was really easy and quick to do



Gifts for teacher appreciation week

So I made personalized cups using acrylic paint and mod podge painting first then a few coats of mod podge over the painted areas


Second gift
I bought a dollar store flower pot
Tissue paper
Styrofoam ball
And lollipops

Just stick the suckers in the Styrofoam ball the way you want then it should look like this

Simple and easy and all from the dollar store


Home made Vase volcano (Summer fun kid activities )


I used empty vases I had laying around my house and baking soda and vinegar plus a little water and food coloring.

Put the water and vinegar then the food coloring.
Then add the baking soda be careful or it might



The more baking soda the bigger the EXPLOSION

Last but not least put down some news paper easier clean up lol



NOW I tried this for the first time. But had fun doing it wish I had more glass in the house lol

Highly recommend” Martha Stewart Paints ” any Michael’s store sells all the stuff you may need for doing this task. 

Dollar store glasses will do. Trust mother of twins budget is my middle name lol cheap is the first lol jk

I encourage people to try why buy expensive glasses when u can make your own