Gifts for teacher appreciation week

So I made personalized cups using acrylic paint and mod podge painting first then a few coats of mod podge over the painted areas


Second gift
I bought a dollar store flower pot
Tissue paper
Styrofoam ball
And lollipops

Just stick the suckers in the Styrofoam ball the way you want then it should look like this

Simple and easy and all from the dollar store



Teacher Appreciation week

So this coming week is Teacher appreciation and being a child care teacher I know what is like to deal with kids all day especially children that are not yours. With the job of a teacher there comes happiness, sadness and joy, frustration too. But only the strong survive not everyone can be a teacher. And as for my kids I know they have tested their teachers patience a lot this year so I commend anyone who is a teacher and who has the patience and the right passion for the job that they do.

Thank you!!